Pure Water Technology Window Cleaning System

Your windows can been cleaned using a method which will soon be the industry standard. We have decided to invest in this technology which involves the use of telescopic poles and 100% pure water, which we filter through state of the art reverse osmosis filters and de-ionisation vessels.  We are embracing this technology for a number of reasons.

Better cleaning results. You may be surprised to know that no chemicals or detergents are required making it environmentally friendly. Dirt particles are agitated using a purpose made, soft bristled brush, and rinsed away using extremely pure water, your frames and sills are cleaned as well as the glass. Windows cleaned using this method are left wet, this is normal but may not be what you have been used to, they will dry naturally to a streak free shine.  You will likely notice that the windows seem to stay cleaner for longer. This is because there is no sticky soap residue left on the window. Usually rainfall would mix with this soap residue and form little soap spots on the windows. After a little while using this method, all traces of soap residue will be rinsed away. The rain will then have no soap to mix with and therefore your windows will appear to remain cleaner for longer.

Health and safety.  Legislation now limits the use of ladders as temporary workstations. The law now states that ladders can only be used when all viable alternatives have been considered, Water fed pole systems are seen as a safer alternative. This window cleaning method allows us to do the job to a very high standard, and feel it is sensible to choose to work from the safety of the ground.

Reduced disturbance. We do our best to keep disturbance to a minimum. Damage from ladders to buildings and gardens is avoided with the use of a water fed pole systems.

Increased privacy. Something many householders appreciate is that by using water fed poles instead of ladders, there is no more need to worry about the window cleaner suddenly appearing at the bedroom window.

Improved access. We can now reach with ease previously inaccessible aspects of your property such as third floor windows, windows above the conservatory or sloping roofs and other windows that previously had to be left for safety reasons.

Reliable Service. Pure water-fed pole cleaning works in the rain! Although we will not work in severe weather conditions, showery misty weather will no longer hinder our work. This will help us to ensure a more regular all year round professional service to all of our customers.

Finally, although we will do our best to rinse away as much as possible of the previously mentioned soap residue left from previous cleaning methods, please allow for some slight 'spotting' for the first clean. Soap tends to lodge around the edge of the frames in the seals, and it may take a few cleans to completely rinse it away.

Please feel free to phone and discuss any part of the above or indeed any other aspect of our services. If you have any concerns about this new way of cleaning your windows please let us know and we will endeavour to alleviate your concerns.